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  • 35-37 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7JN

Work for Movement

Movement is not your typical professional search company. We’ve moved on.

Whilst we’re still fiercely competitive and delicately professional, we drive success by keeping the internal workplace happy.

Guided to perfection with our own flexible style.

Career Opportunities


  • Apprenticeship scheme
  • Graduate scheme


  • Resource consultant
  • Senior – Resource consultant

Sales & Business Development

  • Associate/Consultant
  • Senior – Associate/Consultant
  • Principal – Associate/Consultant


  • Resource manager
  • Project manager


  • Director
  • Partner

Our Comittment

Training & Support

  • Detailed internal training programme
  • Continuous employment training
  • Daily management accessability

Guidance & Encouragement

  • Performance management software
  • Success management analysis and integrated KPI guidance
  • Daily, weekly, monthly praise & encouragement

Flexibility and Trust

  • Remote working opportunities
  • Flex-Time working opportunities
  • Idea community

Career Development

  • Career development planning built in employment contracts
  • Internal job application
  • Performance reviews

Reward and Wealth

  • Market leading salaries
  • Market leading commission structures
  • Bonus and Incentives

Innovation and Creativity

  • Latest technology and software
  • Unique, modern and fun
  • Positive and welcoming team environment

Vision and Strategy

  • Open company strategy
  • Market growth and change inteligence
  • Continuos service improvement

Our Values





Team Work



If you are interested in working for movement or learning more about our apprenticeship schemes. Please contact us at our head office or send us your CV:

Head Office: +44 (0) 208 0044 688
Email: contact@wearemovement.co.uk